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ModelSpace is one of the leading and most trusted worldwide official scale modelling retailers with over 30 collections available across 15 countries & in 5 languages. With a strong experience in the partwork industry, we have been at the forefront of the industry since 2009.

We are proud to develop and stock high-quality products from top brands such as Harley-Davidson, Lamborghini, Kyosho for the RB7, Artesania Latina for the HMS Surprise or OcCre for the Spitfire. More than 100,000 customers worldwide have enjoyed our products.

1. A unique range of high-quality models
The quality of our products is our priority to give you the best model-building experience. We work with major established reputable brands such as Harley-Davidson, Lamborghini, Kyosho such for the RB7, Artesania Latina for the HMS Surprise or OcCre for the Spitfire.

Choose your scale model from our large selection: ships, cars, trains or unique models! It is your choice from 1:8 Model Cars to 1:84 Wooden Model Ships and a lot more!

2. Pay-As-You-Build or in one go!
ModelSpace offers you a unique way to buy scale models by offering you several ways to purchase the collection you want to build through our Pay-As-You-Build option! Every month you will receive all parts, instructions and plans to complete a specific stage of the build. Free Delivery: Every month, we will deliver directly to your door your next pack, with all your parts, free of charge. No shipping fees, no handling fees, every pack is delivered free of charge. Check our delivery information: here. You want to build it in one go? No problem, on few models like model ships and more to come soon on the model we give you the option to order a complete kit and receive all your parts and build guides in one shipment.

3. Professional and expert advice from a great team
We’re proud to have knowledgeable and helpful staff on board who can offer expert advice and tailor the best products for your scale modelling experience. We encourage hands-on research at ModelSpace, if you’ve got a query, chances are our crew have come across it first hand and haved shared it on the forum!

4. A community of like-minded modellers!

We offer a unique build experience with guidance from start to finish, both online and in step-by-step instructions, with expertise shared in our community.

5. No contract, cancel at anytime
There is no contract, you are free to cancel, you just need to give us 28 days notice and we will cancel your subscription.


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